Our investments span a range of industries and sizes, from growth-oriented businesses to well-established enterprises. As investors, we find value by identifying companies within innovative industries and enhancing their performance by providing capital and support to strong management teams. Our investment philosophy allows our portfolio companies to grow their core business, launch initiatives, make acquisitions, and upgrade systems to achieve their long-term vision.

We are more than just investors – we are strategic partners that provide more than capital. We make the companies we invest in stronger through our extensive networks and experience, bringing the expertise of our team to provide tactical guidance.


We measure our success by creating impact through investing in great companies where our insight, relationships, capital, and experience can advance transformations that help companies realize their potential. These improvements in growth and innovation benefit the industry, the workers, and the communities in which they live.

We are patient investors who adhere to the principle of the long-term outlook and are committed to the best outcomes for our businesses and investments.

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